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Sound Devices A20-Mini Digital Wireless Bodypack Transmitter and Recorder

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1 band of frequency 470MHz to 694MHz works worldwide! Housed in an ultracompact and water-resistant form factor for reliable use on set, the Sound Devices A20-Mini is not only an A10-compatible digital wireless bodypack transmitter with full remote control via a companion mobile app, but also a distortion-free, 32-bit float / 48 kHz audio recorder with 64GB internal storage. As a transmitter, it boasts a wide 10 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, a global tuning range (470 to 694 MHz), and 100% digital RF modulation and transmission, making it a premium unit for professional film and television shoots. Recorded WAV files can be transferred via USB Type-C and even converted or conformed through a companion desktop app to accommodate a range of workflows and user preferences.

GainForward Architecture enables convenient gain staging from the trim controls of an 8-Series mixer or via an A10-RX receiver, so you can easily achieve optimal levels without ever stopping the action. Since the A20-Mini is powered by three AAA batteries or a Sony NP-BX1 battery pack, which can be recharged without removing the NP-BX1, it can hang for long days while ensuring minimal downtime. In addition to having a supercapacitor-powered timecode generator built in, the A20-Mini allows jam syncing via USB Type-C for locking to a camera or dedicated timecode source.

Note! Simultaneous Record and Transmit mode is available on A20-Mini units sold or operated Asia.

  • A First for Sound Devices
    The A20-Mini is the first miniature wireless transmitter from Sound Devices. It combines legendary British audio quality with the best of American design. In addition to being water-resistant, the sleek and rounded form fits perfectly into body contours and underneath tight clothing.
  • Impressive Technology
    The A20-Mini incorporates state-of-the-art features such as full remote control via the A20-Remote app, GainForward Architecture for convenient hardware gain control, internal 32-bit float recording, a worldwide tuning range of 470 to 694 MHz, and more. Plus, the A20-Mini is fully compatible with Sound Devices' existing A10 Digital Wireless System.
  • 32-Bit Float Recording
    The A20-Mini records in 32-bit float for an astounding >130 dB of dynamic range. This allows for audio gain decisions to be made after recording, with zero loss in headroom or noise performance.
  • GainForward
    With the Mini's GainForward Architecture, you can set the Mini's gain, low-cut, and limiter directly on your 8-Series. This immediate, local control of gain allows quick adaptation to changing volume levels and saves time during production.
  • Control via Mobile Companion App
    Available on iOS, iPadOS, and Android phones and tablets with Bluetooth 5.2, A20-Remote is the A20-Mini's companion app. The intuitive interface allows sound professionals to control RF transmit frequency and power (2/10/20/40 mW or off), turn the Mini on and off, start and stop recording, mute the microphone, format the media, and more. The A20-Mini's internal, high-efficiency 2.4 GHz antenna ensures excellent Bluetooth range. The A20-Remote app offers easy adjustment of transmitter settings after the unit has been placed on talent, eliminating unnecessary downtime on set.
  • SD-Utility Desktop Application
    SD-Utility is a companion application for MacOS and Windows. This application can be used to process files recorded by the A20-Mini to be more suited to the given workflow. A20-Mini 32-bit float / 48kHz monophonic WAV and RF64 WAV files can be renamed, snipped by timecode values, converted to 24-bit, conformed to a CSV Sound Report, and more.
  • Available Accessories
    Separately available accessories for the A20-Mini include the PowerStation-8M (allows battery charging, file transfer, and timecode jamming of up to eight A20-Minis at a time), two timecode cables (LEMO 5-pin to USB Type-C or BNC to USB Type-C), and rubber caps for the USB Type-C port.
  • Features at a Glance
    • Full remote control of the Mini via A20-Remote companion app
    • Control frequency and RF power, turn the Mini on and off, start and stop recording, mute the microphone, format the media, view the status of all your Minis, and more from the app
    • GainForward Architecture lets you set the Mini’s gain levels via trim control (with an 8-Series mixer) or at the A10-RX receiver
    • Full 10 Hz to 20 kHz audio bandwidth and 130 dBA dynamic range
    • 100% digital RF modulation and transmission
    • Same excellent range and audio quality as the A10-TX
    • Worldwide tuning range of 470 to 694 MHz, tunable in 25 kHz steps
    • Integrated 32-bit float / 48 kHz recorder with 64GB storage for over 80 hours of record time
    • Offload recorded WAV files via USB Type-C and optionally conform/convert with SD-Utility
    • Powering via three AAA batteries or NP-BX1 (both available separately) with built-in charging for an NP-BX1 Li-ion battery
    • Internal supercapacitor-powered timecode generator with 0.2 ppm accuracy can be jammed via USB Type-C with neglible drift over a 24-hour period
    • LEMO 3-pin lavalier microphone input with 5V bias power
    • Extensive gasketing and waterproof connectors to withstand water and sweat
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