Refund? There is no such thing as refund here at XN3. We believe that you all are mature buyers and already check and recheck what you really wants.

Exchange? Yes! We do allow exchange but must be with a valid reason and meet certain conditions. We usually will check and recheck your order before letting you collect or deliver to you. With our number of years we really never encounter refund and exchange because we are fortunate that our customers are really mature and knows what they are getting.

What are the conditions?

1) If you have received or collected a faulty order, e.g: unable to power up. We will be more than glad to exchange it once we have received the order back and verify it is dead on arrival.

2) Refund is not possible but if in an unlikely event if we accept customers to exchange to something of equal value or higher. Item must be under XN3 PTE LTD authorised distribution or dealership brands. So we urge all customers to buy what they really wants and not try an error.

3) Many essential stuffs like straps, hairy cover, undercover etc... are not exchangeable and refundable due to hygiene purposes. Once collected or delivered we would not take it back.

4) XN3 PTE. LTD. holds every rights to decide what is able to refund or exchange and we urge customers to respect our decision. We will always provide service and alternative solutions to help you settle your problematic orders.

That is all, many new customers will think we are mean and unreasonable but when you get to know us, you will love us!

Enjoy your shopping here!


Travis & Bryan

XN3 decision makers.

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