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Wisycom MTH410

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MTH410 is a handheld transmitter especially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.
It is very easy and quick to use thanks to OLED display and 1 joggle selector and 2 buttons for straight setup of gain and channel.
It has been especially designed for robustness against noise and self-interference thanks to a dual power amplifier and a special “intermodulation cancellation” circuit.
MTH410 benefits of the LINEAR technology allowing EQUALLY SPACED frequency allocation intermodulation free.

It is the only handheld transmitter able to change the modulation by software working as Wideband or Narrowband.
Thanks to the LINEAR and NARROWBAND features, it allows EQUALLY SPACES frequency allocation intermodulation free:

5 channels in 1 MHz, 33 channels in 1 DVBT (8MHz)

Select which microphone capsule:

MCM306 - Premium DPA Super-Cardiod Mic Capsule

MCM306L - Premium DPA Linear Super-Cardiod Microphone Capsule

MCM308 - Premium DPA Omni-Direcrional Mic Capsule

Do note that MTH410 doesn't comes with Foam Windshield & Mic Clamp anymore, these are optional accessories so please add them if you require to have them.

Select your frequency and leave us a note upon checkout.

Frequency rangesB5 option: 470 ÷ 654 MHz
B3 option: 510 ÷ 698 MHz
B2 option: 566 ÷ 798 MHz

Leave a note when checkout your required frequency. If you never specifiy we will choose and match the frequency for you.

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