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Wisycom focuses strictly on the needs of broadcast complexes (Radio/TV) which offers a wide product range for most audio applications. Based in Veneto (North Italy), north of Padova in Bassano del Grappa at the feet of the legendary Monte Grappa, Wisycom developed out of PASTEGA ELETTRONICA PROFESSIONAL srl, which was founded in 1974.
XN3 Pte. Ltd. is the appointed Distributor for Wisycom for Southeast Asia.

Sound Devices
 Sound Devices audio products deliver superb performance in extreme locations. Whether it's multi-camera interviews, single camera ENG-style production, documentary film & video production, sports broadcasting, feature-film production, acoustical test & measurement, sound effects gathering, or live music recording.
XN3 Pte. Ltd. is the appointed Distributor for Sound Devices for Southeast Asia.

Phonak Communication
Phonak Communications is an expert manufacturer of miniaturized wireless communication systems and intelligent hearing protection. Our solutions are employed across the globe in fields as diverse as security, broadcasting, heavy industry and visitor management.
 XN3 Pte. Ltd. is the appointed Distributor for Phonak Communications for Southeast Asia.


Cable Techniques
Cable Techniques, founded in 2005 to fulfill the demand for high-end location sound production tools
Size, weight, cable lengths and choice of materials of all Cable Techniques products are carefully selected
Cable Techniques are designed to withstand the punishing conditions of field and production audio
XN3 Pte. Ltd. is the appointed Distributor for Cable Techniques for Southeast Asia.

Ambient Recording

Founded by location sound recordists in the late Eighties, Ambient Recording provides practically founded advise and know-how.Experience and curiosity helped to successfully develop our own products and to enlarge our product range of innovative equipment. Practical needs were the incentive to invent new products like our industry standard time code range or microphone booms and accessories

XN3 Pte. Ltd. is the appointed Distributor for Ambient Recording for Southeast Asia.


Reinhardt is a family run business situated in the north of Jutland, Denmark. Reinhardt manufacturers of quality microphone windshields and microphone mounts for the discerning enthusiast and pro user.

XN3 Pte. Ltd. is the appointed Distributor for Reinhardt for Southeast Asia.

Since the Eugen Beyer electrical engineering factory was founded in 1924, beyerdynamic has been synonymous with German-made applied high technology in the professional audio electronics sector. Currently the beyerdynamic product range comprises, in addition to microphones and audio headsets, headsets for TV commentators and pilots as well as conference systems and interpreting facilities.

DPA Microphone
DPA draws on more than five decades of world-class microphone design experience going back to the first range of measurement microphones created by our progenitor, Brüel & Kjær, in the 1950s. The Best just got Better as DPA comes out with the latest d series like d:fine, d:vote and d:facto.
 XN3 Pte. Ltd. is the appointed Reseller for Ambient Recording for Southeast Asia.